Monday, June 21, 2010

Bloggers in the 2010 NYC Pride March

Tony and the 20 writers of Queer New York
The ladies of Autostraddle
Joe of JoeMyGod
Patrick of Loose Ends
The UrbanFoodGuy
Brian of TheOccasionalFag
Sean of Blogtacular Blogtastic Bloggy Blog
Charlie Vázquez of Fireking Press
Wayne of WorldofWonder
Jillian and Michael of Bilerico
Ving of VJnet
Tim of The Tim Corrimal Show
Tom of Atomische

check in again for updates.

Our group in the 2010 march, in front of Stonewall:

Our group in the 2009 march, in front of Stonewall:


  1. Wish I had known sooner.

    Oh well.

  2. Had a great time marching with you all!

    Photos from today have been posted:


  3. very cool seeing you guys at PRIDE. you inspired me to be better connected to my BLOG. i look forward to checking out your BLOGS over the next couple of days. JDH

  4. It was a blast marching with you all again this year!

    Other bloggers/podcasters who were with us were:

    VJ (that's me) of
    Brian G. and David b. of
    Tim of

    Here are photos from 2009:

    I'll post a link to my 2010 NYC Pride photos soon... ^_^


  5. Here is the video from the March that I just posted on my site.

    Feel free to re-post.

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    Keep up the good work.


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